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Another Day in Paradise

Our Story

I have travelled far and wide in search of coffee that I love to drink, and I want others to share the incredible flavours and taste the difference.

For too long the public have been duped into believing that supermarket coffees produced on sprawling farms are fresh. In most cases, the coffee is at least five weeks old, and long past its best before reaching the shelf. 

I want my customers to drink our coffees within three days of roasting, allowing two days to de-gas before packaging. It is my opinion that coffee is best consumed within one month for beans, and two weeks for ground coffee. ​It should be stored in an airtight container in a dark, cool place, and contrary to popular belief, never in the fridge.

We partner with our farmers, ensuring that they get the highest prices for their beans. Micro farms tend to produce the best coffees. Smaller farms produce fewer sacks of coffee in a season. I choose which farmers to contract, then agree to purchase the entire crop. I strive to have the very best coffees on the market.


A single-origin Gold-Cup-winning bean needs only to be roasted, and enjoyed for what it is.


For a farmer to qualify to supply Coffee

Addicts policies it must meet with our

Green Earth Aware policy.

1. All farming by hand (non mechanised).

2. No pesticides.

3. Organic only feed.

4. To be ecological and sustainable.

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Drying the coffee beans
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