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Fresh Coffee


From our roastery to your door

Our speciality single-origin Arabica coffees are all certified organic

Support sustainable

Green Earth Aware logo

Our coffee farmers use mountain water to irrigate their crops. Farmers must prove sustainability. We have a no-pesticide policy, preferring a safer organic method of farming. As a company we are Green Earth Aware and strive to promote the farmers who, like us, believe in our philosophy.

Our specialist coffee 

Coffee farmer

Jeremias, one of our Brazilian farmers.

only the finest coffee beans

'Great flavour, just tried it- a class above the rest.'

John, from Egham

Just finished my second bag of Coffee Addict coffee-How did I cope without this before?! It's a lovely smooth strong coffee, and the best way to start your day. I have ordered some coffee beans for a friend and know she will be as addicted as I am.

S Wright, from Hereford

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